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Описание компании

Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking is the most complete financial partner to corporations, financial institutions, institutional investors and governments in the world. As a global leader in banking, capital markets, and transaction services, with a presence in many countries dating back more than 100 years, Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking enables clients to achieve their strategic financial objectives by providing them with cutting-edge ideas, best-in-class products and solutions, and unparalleled access to capital and liquidity. Citigroup has had a presence in CIS since 1993, when it became one of the first banks with foreign capital to enter the Russian market. In 1998 it opened an office in Kazakhstan. In May 1998 Citibank Ukraine was registered by National Bank of Ukraine, marking the hundredth country Citigroup had a presence in. Today we employ more than 3000 people within CIS and rank among the top banks by capital and assets. We service multinationals, financial institutions, local companies and governments, providing them with unrivalled expertise in investment banking, corporate finance, financial advising, mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets and equity capital markets.

Контактная информация

Контактное лицо:Ekaterina Bushueva

Вакансии в Citigroup

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