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Componence Ukraine

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Описание компании

Componence Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Componence B.V. (www.componence.com) from the Netherlands, with offices in Ukraine (Kiev and Lviv) and India (Jaipur). Componence is a fast growing and successful company that provides global enterprise clients with innovative internet solutions based on their product, PortletSuite. The Kyiv office was opened 3 years ago and has become an integrate part of Componence by delivering high quality and complex solutions, show cases for Top 500 European clients and the development of new innovative products. In March 2008, Componence opened a new office in the Lviv which will be the head office for the future development of PortletSuite. Componence always works in close contact with our local offices in Ukraine and India and stimulates initiatives of their employees who are willing to travel abroad to meet their colleagues in the other countries for business purposes, but also to share their knowledge and most of all their culture. To expand our young professional team, we are looking for open minded, ready to learn, English speaking, open for challenge and professional people. Professional growth, team spirit, company care and satisfied clients are important for us.

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Вакансии в Componence Ukraine

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