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    Encore ltd

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    Опис компанії

    Encore is your trusted partner for large scale cross country, swift delivery project management and deployment in the Retail, Hospitality and Banking Industry.

    Encore is a one stop shop where you will find everything, from efficiency to swift delivery.
    We're flexible and capable in delivering from A to Z on any part of the project.

    Why are we developing so fast?

    Our people make the difference and are our best asset. Our staff are trained and well equipped in attending to our client needs in providing the best possible solution. This is complimented in the company constantly investing in and exploring technological advancements in our market sectors.

    We listen to our clients, and through an understanding of their needs we are able to provide solutions relative to their requirements. We adopt a tried and tested partnership and participative approach which we believe works best for us. We pride ourselves in our commitment in maintaining first-in-class standards that can be attributed to our ISO certifications, software systems, and proactive company culture.

    What encore stands for?


    • Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.


    • We believe our best work comes through building a strong foundation and a loyal relationship.
    • We believe if you really want to do something, you will find a way.
    • We believe that all progress takes place outside of the comfort zone.


    • HONESTY - We strive to act with honesty, integrity and fair play.
    • INNOVATION - We innovate at every step and strive to do better.
    • PASSION - Our work is our passion, we love what we do and this is the difference.
    • LOYALTY - Loyalty is the key to our success. We strive to be loyal to our employees, partners and clients.
    • FUN - Work hard, play hard is our moto. Fun is an integral part of our day.
    • EFFICIENCY - Innovation and our passion for work helps us achieve great efficiency for us and for our clients.
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