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Envion software

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Описание компании

For over 30 years Envion Software has been engaged in creating state-of-the-art business

applications for companies worldwide.

With offices in Boston (U.S.), Odessa (Ukraine), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Lviv (Ukraine), and St. Petersburg (Russia), and a cherry-picked team of more than 100 software engineers and other professionals,
we are uniquely equipped and vastly experienced to offer companies in the Digital Asset Management, DB Publishing, Natural Language Processing, eLearning, and Healthcare IT industry sectors one of the best value-for-money ratios available on the market.

Envion's professional excellence is time-proven. With an extensive and invariably
immaculate project track record, we boast a customer base that would be synonymous
with success even for the world's most well-known software development vendors.

Контактная информация


+38 (097) 543-63-33

Контактное лицо:Мария

Вакансии в Envion software

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