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Indian Ovo Agro Foods (P) Ltd.

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Описание компании

Indian Ovo Agro Foods (P) Ltd.
Indian Ovo Agro Foods Pvt. Limited is poised to promote the mainstream food culture in the country to ensure food security under the guidance of Honbl’e Filiep Vanbosstraeten who has pioneered the egg powder and been awarded egg person of the year worldwide. Indian Ovo has joined the enterprising experience in agriculture and poultry farming dating back to 36 years while the technogical support from Ovobel- a Belgian company engaged in engineering and equipment in egg processing for 44 years at international level is no less than revolution in this arena ensuring high quality produces to practice the principles of profitable proposition to raise people’s earnings and livings. Significant investment in technology and research are being proposed for optimum utilization of the resources towards achieving sustainable returns.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Васильков, Киевская обл., Васильков, Крушинка

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