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Information Society of Ukraine Foundation

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Описание компании

ABOUT "INFORMATION SOCIETY OF UKRAINE" FOUNDATION The Аll-Ukrainian Foundation "Information Society of Ukraine", a non-government, non-profit organization, started its activity in early July 2001. Its vision is the development of Ukraine into an Information Society. Why an Information Society? In an Information Society members benefit from equal access to information, technology, and services in all aspects of their lives; In an Information Society progressive ideas and knowledge are generated, adapted, and exchanged, forming the nations intellectual capital and serving as the bases of national sustainable development; In an Information Society modern technologies are organically combined with principles of humanity, openness, and self-responsibility. Mission Our mission is to foster cooperation and collaboration among all societal segmentsgovernment authorities, NGOs, and (legal) business entitiesto create a favorable environment in the fields of information education, technology, and public services. The result will be the preservation of and an increase in the nations intellectual (and economic) potential through the use of science and information technologies. Motivation We are firmly confident that an Information Society will have an active and positive impact on all aspects of people's lives and the welfare of Ukraines citizens. The government of Ukraine is currently considering a program of actions devoted to the preservation and further development of its intellectual potential, therefore prompt action is essential.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Киев, Viborskaya Str.


Контактное лицо:Lena Felonyuk

Вакансии в Information Society of Ukraine Foundation

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