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Intetics Co

На сайте с 15 ноября 2006
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Описание компании

Intetics Co. is an Illinois-based software development company with development offices in Eastern Europe and representative offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. Since 1995, we have completed over 400 projects for over 130 customers in 31 countries. Our innovative capabilities and sustained growth are acknowledged by Deloitte Technology awarding their Fast 50 awards to Intetics two years in a row. Intetics Co. is a recognized provider of software development services delivering custom information technology solutions to businesses worldwide from startups to established industry leaders. Our entrepreneurial, growth-oriented company encourages creativity, trust, free information sharing, and professional growth for every team member. We pride ourselves on creating and cultivating long-term, win-win relationships with our customers by providing technology advances, quality results and superior customer service.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Харьков, ул. Киргизская 19

+38 (057) 739-06-56

Контактное лицо:HR manager

Вакансии в Intetics Co

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