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Описание компании

No other company in the world matches the breadth of our participation in human health care, selling products in more than 57 countries around the world, through A wide range of health and personal care products, consumer pharmaceuticals and nutritional products Pharmaceuticals that span a vast array of therapeutic areas State-of-the-art medical devices and diagnostics products for use by physicians, optometrists, therapists, hospitals, laboratories and clinics This breadth of participation allows us a broad perspective on addressing unmet medical needs while it affords us substantial market reach and synergies across our many health care platforms. Johnson and Johnson LLC Medical Devices and Diagnostics includes a broad range of products used by or under the direction of health care professionals. These include sutures and mechanical wound closure products, surgical equipment and devices, wound management and infection prevention products, interventional diagnostic cardiology products, diagnostic equipment and supplies.

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Вакансии в Johnson&Johnson

У данной компании на данный момент нет активных вакансий.
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