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Litium Businesscommunication

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Описание компании

Litium Businesscomunication Ltd is a leading Swedish software company that develops, adjusts and sells web. The solutions can be found in the concept of ”Enterprise Content Management” and “e-commerce systems” that give you, as customer, cost-effective work processing, better marketing and new business possibilities through the Internet The company was founded in 1998.The company is owned by the founders, personnel, and stock-market listed FastPartner.Our products use famous Nordic companies as private as government, and for today we have more than 700 customers and 1200 installations. Among our customers are the Swedish trade and commerce industry, special interest organizations, public organizations and medium sized companies within different branches of the Swedish industry. They have all seen the possibility to generate more business and to reach company objectives with the web. Today we have 90 highly dedicated employees in our offices in Jnkping, Stockholm, Helsingborg and Gteborg, Lviv and Shangai. Visit us on www.litium.com

Контактная информация


+38 (032) 260-23-59

Контактное лицо:HR

Вакансии в Litium Businesscommunication

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