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Описание компании

Founded in 2011, MobiSoft is now one of the most experienced companies in mobile device management industry. Our company brings the right mix of product features, IT innovation, and customer focus to meet even the most demanding mobile device management needs. At the heart of our clients’ success are our premium-class services with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Our Partner Affiliate Program has over 100 partners, selling our software to customers all over the world.
Our extensive experience in the mobile industry means that those lucky enough to work with us get immense opportunities for professional development. With MobiSoft and its rewarding career opportunities, you will rediscover your potential. Learn more about our current vacancies and find the one that would help you achieve your professional goals.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Киев, ул.Горького 172
Контактное лицо:Липатов Владимир

Вакансии в Mobisoft

У данной компании на данный момент нет активных вакансий.
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