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Otifleks Earplugs

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На сайте с 27 июня 2011

Описание компании

Otifleks Earplugs - the world's most advanced earplugs. We are entering the Russian and Ukrainian markets to raise the standard of ear and hearing protection available to the people. Earplugs are designed for use in many different sectors. These include, pharmacies, supermarkets, sporting, military/police, etc. We are focused on entering all of these sectors. Numerous large distributors in Russia and Ukraine have been introduced to our products and are ready to purchase orders consistently. Urgently we require a representative to control and manage our client accounts - growing the Otifleks brand name throughout the market. Our market research has shown the room for growth is very strong. There are few competitors and our products dominate over them due to price and quality. Join the Otifleks team!
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