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R&R Music Ukraine

На сайте с 18 ноября 2008
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Описание компании

R&R Creative Ukraine is part of the R&R Music Group of companies, with offices in the UK , USA and Ukraine. The company is dedicated to using the Internet and associated technologies to help change the shape of the Music and Fashion sectors; delivering the future now. Currently we are seeking people to join our rapidly growing team. We offer a fun, exciting and creative environment where everyone is encouraged to share and develop his or her ideas. All our team recognize that their own success and the success of the company is dependent on their belief in what they do and their focused efforts. Please apply now, if you wish to have the freedom to express and develop your creative ideas and be part of a team that share in your ideals and work ethic. Enjoy one of the best employment packages that recognizes and reward success , creativity and hard work. We operate a staged

Контактная информация

Адрес:Киев, Киев, ул. Саксаганского 79

067 301 31 80

Контактное лицо:Владислава

Вакансии в R&R Music Ukraine

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