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Thyssenkrupp Group Services Gdańsk

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Описание компании

thyssenkrupp Group Services Gdańsk is one of centers of operation for thyssenkrupp Global Shared Services (GSS). The goal of GSS is to bundle, standardize and optimize global administrative functions in the areas of HR, IT, Accounting and Real Estate. thyssenkrupp Corporation decided to implement GSS in order to maximize efficiencies through delivering reliable and high quality standardized processes on competitive terms.

thyssenkrupp has around 155,000 employees in just under 80 countries working with passion and expertise to develop solutions for sustainable progress. Their skills and commitment are the basis of our success. In fiscal year 2012/2013 thyssenkrupp generated sales of around €39 billion. Innovations and technical progress are key factors in managing global growth and using finite resources in a sustainable way. With our engineering expertise in the areas of "Mechanical", "Plant" and "Material", we enable our customers to gain an edge in the global market and manufacture innovative products in a cost and resource efficient way.

Контактная информация

Адрес: Al. Grunwaldzka 472D, Gdansk, Poland
Контактное лицо:Katarzyna Żelazińska

Вакансии в Thyssenkrupp Group Services Gdańsk

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