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Unitrust Media Group

На сайте с 8 сентября 2007
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Описание компании

http://www.unitrust.com.cy http://www.agianapa.tv http://www.haristherapis.com
The company est. in 1992 along with the invasion of the internet in our life. With large experience in TV productions and advertisement, we developed new services to meet the new demands and face the challenges. Significant moments in our business life were the development of the internet portals for Agia Napa and Paralimni municipalities, the local Hotel Association, the TV productions for the municipalities promoting the area as tourist destination and the production of the 105’ historic movie “Para tin Limni – a journey of 7000 years”. 15 years later we are in front of the biggest development of the internet that changes for ever the future of television. The fast internet connection gives the opportunity to develop internet TV stations broadcasting via the web. The viewers now have the ability to watch TV programs on his PC when they want, having full control on the broadcasting. No specialised equipment is necessary just ADSL connection for fast internet. Launched the first Cyprus local internet TV channell in early 2007, now we are aready by the end of current year to launch another two. http://www.unitrust.com.cy http://www.agianapa.tv http://www.haristherapis.com

Контактная информация


+38 (067) 793-80-04

Контактное лицо:Горбунова Виктория

Вакансии в Unitrust Media Group

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