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Vivaldi UK Ltd

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Описание компании

We offer placements in a working environment expecting our students to play an integral part in the business from day one. The tasks are substantial and challenging, giving you a reasonable degree of responsibility and decision making, although you will have a manager around to help when required. We are looking for intelligent students with lots of creative quality. The successful candidate for the Vivaldi internship will be at the very heart of the organization for this hands-on, proactive role. We are looking for universities students, with strong organizational skills and an enthusiastic, confident and friendly outlook. This varied role may see you supporting a student from the Ukraine or Russia. In order that your time with us is as easy and productive as possible we will provide much as possible for your living requirements. These will include:  A r
Wall & ceiling panels for the bathroom & beyond

Контактная информация

Адрес: 59 Parkhill Avenue, Manchester M8 4QZ, England


Контактное лицо:Tatiana Kamyshanskaya

Вакансии в Vivaldi UK Ltd

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