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Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd.

На сайте с 15 ноября 2006
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Описание компании

Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd., official importer of Ford Motor Company, Volvo Car Corporation, Jaguar Export Limited, Land Rover Group Ltd., and Porsche

At the end of 1992, Winner was designated as an authorized importer of Ford Motor Co. in Ukraine. In the same year Ford workshop was launched, which came to be the largest one in Ukraine at the time. It is back then that first realty was bought, which laid the foundations of our real estate business. Today it's one of strategic lines of our business.                         

In 1997, our construction outfit 'Winner Construction' was founded. The new firm built the first Ford's showroom in Ukraine in the same year. And in 1999, our company's business was marked by an important event - Winner came in for status of authorized importer of Volvo in Ukraine. It is by dint of hard work and an ongoing perseverance that Winner succeeded as one of the leading businesses on Ukrainian automobile market.                            

In 2004, Winner procured a few challenging tenders from the internationally known key manufacturers and became an authorized Ukrainian importer for Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche after a while.

The company did not only survive hard times for automobile business but also became one of the leading car businesses. There is every chance for that: advanced model range cutting across small and premium segments, massive network of dealerships throughout Ukraine and brilliant people who are everything to this business.                                                     

 Highly skilled, active and creative people are the bedrock of our company. Our team features a great number of vivid, remarkably literate, large-minded personalities - professionals who are the hope of the company. Everyone in Winner's family knows and understands the values of the company, its mission and vision of its business goals and objectives. Subsequent development and success of any company virtually turns on our own personal development and success. It's not without reason that we formulated a corporate slogan that says "Leadership through professionalism".

Mission Statement                                                                                       

To be the leading automotive import and distribution company in Ukraine through excellence in marketing and by delivering superior services to our dealers. We accomplish this by continuously improving the quality of our team, our market share, and profitability.

Our Values                                                                                       

Professionalism in all interactions with dealers, internal customers, suppliers and consumers. Continuous improvement & innovation as the basis for action. Trust in our people and creating a corporate culture where they are empowered and responsible to leverage their creative potential. Profitability of our company both as a measure of our efficiency and as a means to grow. Operating as an honest and transparent Corporate Citizen.

Контактная информация


+38 (044) 585-69-19

Контактное лицо:Катерина

Вакансии в Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd.

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