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Xometry Europe

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На сайті з 7 червня 2022

Опис компанії

We are Xometry - the world's largest on-demand production platform Xometry that is disrupting the manufacturing industry. Our international network of over 4,000 partners enables us to offer a wide range of processing technologies: CNC processing, sheet metal processing, 3D printing and others. Xometry's customers include BMW, Bosch, Dell Technologies, General Electric and NASA.

Xometry Europe (ex Shift GmbH) is the European branch of Xometry

Our business model:

By the efforts of our Sales and Marketing team we receive hundreds of orders for production every day - from individual metal products to spare parts for the world's leading electric car manufacturer. These orders are distributed through our network of manufacturing partners.

Our Operational team monitors the execution and delivery to customers and payment control, resolves problem cases if they happen. And the majority of processes are automated with our own IT platform combining features of Market Place, CRM and ERP. Thanks to its flexibility, speed and scalability, our model of decentralized production successfully competes with classic mechanical engineering companies.

We are growing rapidly and expanding our business, both geographically and technologically.

Вакансії в Xometry Europe

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