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Zoral labs

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Описание компании

Headquartered in the United States and Europe, Labs Zoral is a leading provider of research and development to the software, finance and telecommunication industries. Zoral customers include Hitachi, EDS, SAS, Volkswagen, Morgan Stanley, Capita, Deloitte & Touche. Due to a number of new exciting projects and customers Zoral announces a major expansion of its Kiev and Kharkov Ukrainian development centres. We are experiencing unprecedented growth and seeking for talented software & quality engineers, architects, analysts, project managers to take on challenges in some of the leading and bleeding edge worldwide technology initiatives. Zoral Labs offers: Interesting and challenging projects that define IT industry direction; Good career growth opportunities; Career path development from technical specialists to project managers and other management positions; Fertile environment for self-realization and creativity; Training opportunity in English, project management, etc. Competitive white salary, that depends on experience and skills; Financial stability; Annual skills assessment and salary reviews; Travel and benefits for our employees; Travel compensation for candidates who come to Kiev for interviews from other cities; Relocation package for our new employees from other cities; Relaxed atmosphere and good working conditions in a modern and comfortable office; Lunch delivery to the office and employee subsidy; Flexible working schedule; Annual paid vacation — 20 business days; Paid sick leaves; Personal days. We are seeking professionals with experience in Java, C++, C#/.Net, Perl, PHP, functional languages and other development technologies. Our major research & development areas include: Web 2.0 and Semantic Web Financial engineering Mobile telecommunications Network and OS security Business intelligence Data warehousing Data mining Artificial intelligence Systems engineering, OS kernel level driver’s development Functional language development Compiler design Kernel level database design, FPGA programming

Контактная информация

Контактное лицо:HR Manager

Вакансии в Zoral labs

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