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Переводчик (письменный) - translator of economical texts (from English to Ukrainian/Russian)

 22 января 2017   Киев  
Возраст: 47 лет
Режим работы: частичная занятость
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09.2012 – 09.2013 “Emfos” Co Ltd (1 year) The Internal Auditor, functional responsibilities: - Audit monitoring of Cyprus companies-residents - Full monitoring the operation of Cyprus companies-residents - Accounting maintenance in accordance with IFRS - Carrying on Corporate Records (business correspondence with fellow partners, settling contracts, deeds, banking documents and other documents) Achievements: - 10 audits fulfilled - Established operational feedback from the external lawyers and auditors 09.2009 – 06.2012 "UKRRICHFLOT “JOINT-STOCK SHIPPING COMPANY" JSC (2 years 8 months) The Internal Auditor, functional responsibilities: - Audit of financial and economic activities of the Holding branches - Analysis of the contracts concluded in Holding - Tests composing check for the vacant position of the department of accounting and taxation - Drawing up requests for legal department on legislation of issues concerned - Preparation of accounting policy for the Holding - Software (consultants / programmers) advising tuners when implementing new software in a Holding company: setting goals, testing algorithms, programs, identification of system errors Achievements: - Implemented support for the process of drafting a new Collective Employment Agreement - Developed internal regulations "Regulations on the Repairs," "Regulations on the Dependent Entities," "Regulations on the Inventory" - Identified and highlighted a number of errors in accounting for transactions that contain significant financial risks for companies 05.2008 – 06.2009 "SAT" Co Ltd (shipping company) (1 year 1 month) The Internal Auditor, functional responsibilities: - Audit of financial and economic activity of enterprises - Oral and written advice on accounting and taxation - Analysis of the financial condition of the company - Preparation of accounting policy for the enterprise - Advising programmers (setting goals) in the implementation of new software Achievements: - Developed internal regulations "Regulations on the carrier cost" - Established operational feedback from the Legal Department 09.2002 – 04.2008 'Credo' Ukrainian auditing company” Co Ltd (5 years 8 months) Chief Auditor, functional responsibilities: - Audit of financial and economic activities of enterprises of different forms of ownership in order to confirm the completeness and reliability of accounting and taxation, accounts statements - Renewing and launching of accounting at the offices of foreign companies, budgetary institutions, enterprises of different of forms ownership and activities 08.1993 – 11.1994 Secondary School #126, Kiev The Teacher of Russian Language and Literature in Senior Classes Achievements: - passing the first Ukrainian test (as a school-leaving exam) of Russian Language and Literature by my pupils - promoted a love of theatre for my pupils1988 - 1993 Dragomanov State Pedagogical Institute - speciality 'Russian Language and Literature', qualification “A Teacher of Russian Language and Literature' 1998 - 1999 retraining faculty State Leadership Training of Cultural and Arts Workers Academy - speciality 'Accounting and Auditing', qualification “An Accountant - Economist” 2005 - 2006 'KROK' University - 'Financial Director' programme 2013 until now Institute of Continuing Education of National Aviation University (ICE NAU) - speciality “Translation”Certificate CAP reg. № 0004989 from 15.08.06 Certificate CIPA reg. № 0000398 from 15.04.10 ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR-Rus) reg. № 1808652 from June 2012 Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Business English) (Entry 2) - Europe Level A2, reg. № 0042429584 from 13.12.13 December 2011. Training on 'International Financial Reporting Standards. Review and Practice February 2012. Training on 'Practical aspects of transition to IFRS accounting' September – December 2013. Training on “English in Finance”

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Увлечения, интересы, умения: Special Skills: Working with accounting software 'Parus', '1C 7: Enterprise', '1C: Budget', '1C 8.1: Manufacturing Enterprise Management' – have the required knowledge necessary for audit and accounting recovery Word (2007, 2010), Excel (2007, 2010), 'LIGA» legal framework, E-mail, Outlook, Internet user. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian - fluent, English - Intermediate. Available: part-time employment Personal qualities: ACTUALLY WORKING RATHER THAN ATTENDING THE WORK PLACE IF I DON’T KNOW I FIND THE ANSWER IF I CAN NOT DO SMTH I LEARN Responsible, sociable, persistent and rapidly in search of answers to the questions (I always try to fully and comprehensively examine the situation, convinced that any question can be solved and in dispute the truth is born), independence of thought and ability to defend own point of view with arguments, ability to learn, self-learning, teaching others, oppressed with monotonous, non-developmental work. Hobbies: theatre, art, driving license (category B), movies, books, travelling. References: References are available upon request.

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