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Call-Center Representative

16 000 грн. + %
 19 июня 2017  Киев 


Образование:неоконченное высшее
Опыт работы:от двух лет
График работы:удаленная работа

Описание вакансии

Call-Center Sales Representative to the International company. (Outbound sales to prospective clients).

We are a global producer and marketer of the innovative child caring devices (SaddleBaby.com). We believe we are here to bring fun and excitement to parents who want to take their kids with them wherever they go.

We now expand our international operations and so we need you!

Требования (Requirements) :

We see you:

  • Remote-based (can work from your location)
  • Self-organized
  • ARE a telesales professional (intermediate to advanced level).
  • Speak English well enough.

You will need to:

  • Be equipped with a PC with Skype (other VoIP is an option) and voice recording software (we will advise on that too)
  • Have fast and reliable internet connection

Обязанности (Job Duties):

You will be working as a part of our global team to find and sell SaddleBaby to new clients.

To successfully sell, you will do the following key things:

  • Identify (through the internet search) the prospective wholesale and retail buyers in U.S., Canada, Europe, etc. for the SaddleBaby products.
  • Cold-call and follow-up call the decision makers to close deals. (Quite large volume calling expected of you).
  • Develop key account clients (onboarding them in the first 3 months of their operations). Then they will be reassigned to the account managers.

Naturally, there are other things you will be doing along the way. These will include:

  • Maintaining Sales Database (your activities, prospects information, deals details)
  • Communicate to the prospects by phone and e-mail. Send them product presentations? Answer their questions about the brand and the company.
  • Prepare and send quotes to prospects.
  • Negotiate the terms of the deal (to be approved by your Team Lead and company management).
  • Receive the feedback, obtain good references from the new clients.

Условия работы (Work Schedule and Reporting):

Your schedule and reporting will be:

  • Work 5 to 8 hours a day (25-40 hrs/week), Monday to Friday (No work on weekends :)).
  • Report to our Sales Team Lead who will give you all necessary training, provide you scripts of the calls, initial (short) list of prospects to begin with and supervise your work so that you have a total success with us!

Probation period is 1 month. During this time your pay will be based on «time + targets» basis. As you begin closing, your pay will be «time + commission».

Please, join us. We begin soon!

Oleksiy, STL

skype alexei.kovalenko74


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