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Civil Engineer

  1 июня  Киев 
Компания: ТОВ "БІСАР"  (https://jobs.ua/company-tov-bsar-1581748) (Все вакансии)


Опыт работы:обязателен

Описание вакансии

Place of work: Saudi Arabia

Obligations of the candidate:

You must have minimum 15 years of experience in detailed structural design and evaluation of existing structure in the oil and gas industry. You must have experience in rehabilitation assessment of existing structures and provide service life estimation along with extensive experience in the design of buildings, industrial plant structures, and foundations using both steel and concrete.


You will provide the general engineering consultations focusing on civil engineering issues along with technical support to Saudi Aramco projects and operations and occasionally to joint venture operations. You will write company standards, procedures, and best practices in your area of expertise. Serve on international standards writing bodies as the opportunity allows.


competitive salary,

housing and paperwork

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