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Compliance Assistant

 19 березня 2018  Київ 
Компанія: ACTED Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development  (https://jobs.ua/company-acted-agency-for-technical-cooperation-and-development-381813) (Всі вакансії)


Освіта:повна вища
Досвід роботи:від року
Графік роботи:повний робочий день

Опис вакансії

Salary: USD 550 before taxation


The Compliance Assistant contributes to:

(i) controlling, on a risk-based audit approach, the implementation of ACTED’s processes in compliance with ACTED’s guidelines, specific donor guidelines, best practices and national regulations in the relevant country;

(ii) developing & actively contributing to action plans agreed with country coordination in order to mitigate the identified risks, and to cope with priorities, budget constraints and organizational context.

S/He provides technical support and capacity building to the country staff to implement the action plan and address the issues.

S/He also provides technical support for donor external audits and due diligences preparation and follow up.

S/He should comply and ensure compliance to the audit code of conduct.


1. Internal Audit function

1.1. Participate to the implementation of the approved national internal audit plan: conduct internal audit missions through a risk management approach

a) Conduct Implementing Partners due diligences, participate to the mitigation plan follow-up;

b) Suggest measures for mitigating risks to the Сountry Director, discuss the main findings and recommendations during the mission; draft an action plan to be discussed during the debriefing session;

c) Ensure the recommendation follow-up and actively participate in their implementation.

1.2. Implementation of the ACTED standard guidelines at the capital, area and partner’s levels:

a) Control the monthly flow of documentation from the Field to the Capital office; Review documentation compliance level;

b) Supervised by the Country Finance Manager in compiling, file and check all project related financial, logistics, administrative, HR, and programme information (including documentation from the areas and the partners) in the designated project Compliance folder on a monthly basis;

c) Support in identifying the compliance issues by filling the compliance checklists;

d) Follow-up of the action plan;

e) Draft the Monthly Compliance Report and the Audit Report and obtain the Country Director review and approval and send it to HQ.

1.3. Provide support to mitigate the high risks identified

a) Provide technical support to the Finance, Logistics, Admin, Audit and Programme departments and participate to the action plan implementation to mitigate the risks identified in 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 upon request of the Country Director.

2. External audit: contribute to the external audit and the due diligences preparation and follow up

a) Participate to the preparation of external audits and due diligences in close collaboration with the HQ Audit Department, the Country Finance Manager and the Country Director;

b) Draft of the External Audit preparation and update the Project, Internal & External Audit Follow-up;

c) Contribute to train the implementing partners / country / area staff to the external audit preparation;

d) Contribute, in line with the Country Finance Manager in managing external audit preparation related to Implementing Partners expenses.

e) Contribute, in close relation with the Country Director and the Country Finance Manager, to facilitate and coordinate the audit, organize the kick off and close out meetings of each external audit;

f) Contribute to draft ACTED Management responses to the audit report, to be reviewed by and approved by Country Finance Manager and the Country Director first and then by the HQ Audit Department;

g) Contribute to ensure the update of the External Audit Recommendations follow up and the implementation of the recommendations from external audits;

h) When relevant to a project or mission registration, provide technical support to select external audit companies and take part in the following preparations for further audit.

3. Training sessions / lessons learn / best practices

3.1.Capacity building and Training

a) Provide practical training on specific areas of ACTED procedures;

3.2.Lessons learn

a) Contribute to proactive dissemination and use of knowledge gained through audit activities (internal and external audits) among international and national staff;

b) Participate in kick-off /closure meetings to share lesson learnt from previous audit and highlight donor guidelines.

3.3.Process improvement

a) Reinforce current procedures and the quality of ACTED internal control, based on international best practices, donors’ requirements and results of internal & external audits;

b) Upon request participate to the drafting of specific policies.

4. Transparency

a) Participate in minimizing risk of fraud and corruption by ensuring adherence to ACTED procedures, ACTED Code of Conduct and ACTED Anti-Fraud Policy;

b) Upon request of the Country Director and/or the Audit Director, participate in Fraud cases investigations;

c) Update the Fraud Register

d) Actively promote ACTED’s anti-fraud and whistle blowing policy within all ACTED offices in country.

5. Internal Coordination

a) Ensure training and capacity building for the team members in order to increase the level of technical ability and skills

6. Other

a) Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to coordination and other team members;

b) Warn the Country Director and HQ in case some major problems arise with a potential financial or reputational impact on the mission.

c) Perform any other related activities as assigned by immediate supervisor.

d) Take part on a monthly basis on checking and preparation of documents for donors compliance before donor report submission


- % of Audit Titanic submitted on time and well completed

- % of ongoing projects in the country with a FLAT Folder

- % of internal audit recommendations implemented at the country level

- % of successful Due Diligences and external audits

- % of implemented external audit recommendations

- % Audit staff / IPs in the country provided with internal/external training during past 1 year

- Number of alert and action plans developed by the HQ Audit department to improve system, process and practices

- Lessons learnt and best practices recorded in the Lessons Learnt and Best Practices document according to ACTED’s standard learning procedures in a consolidated document and updated in regular and timely manner

Applications should be submitted no later than March 23th at 18:00 to the following address: отправить резюме with the title or reference of the position (e-mails without mentioned position will be not considered) in the subject of the E-mail. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. ACTED is equal opportunity employer.

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