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IT Manager / System Administrator

 20 лютого 2018  Київ 
Компанія: Universal Group  (https://jobs.ua/company-universal-group-1577172) (Всі вакансії)
Категорії:IT, WEB фахівці


Освіта:не має значення
Досвід роботи:від року
Графік роботи:віддалена робота

Опис вакансії


  • 1. Directly in charge of the System Administration Department and all IT work related activities.
  • 2. Provide technical support for both hardware and software issues our users encounter.
  • 3. Manage the configuration and operation of client-based computer operating systems.
  • 4. Monitor the system daily and respond immediately to security or usability concerns.
  • 5. Create and verify backups of data.
  • 6. Respond to and resolve help desk requests.
  • 7. Upgrade systems and processes as required for enhanced functionality and security issue resolution.
  • 8. Administrate infrastructure, including firewalls, databases, malware protection software and other processes.
  • 9. Review application logs.
  • 10. Password and identity management.
  • 11. Install and test computer-related equipment.
  • 12. Daily reports.
  • 13. Create SOPs, manuals, policies and more.
  • 14. Web Development and Building new web applications.
  • 15. Other duties as assigned.


Has knowledge and experience with the following web hosts and applications

Amazon AWS

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure




Network services in cloud such as Content delivery networks

At least an Associate Degree/ Undergraduate Degree in IT

Industry certifications (MCSE) if any

Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple problems simultaneously

Effective written and verbal communication skills

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