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Junior Sale Manager

 26 февраля  Харьков 
Компания: MoveUp, contact center  (https://jobs.ua/company-moveup-contact-center-359383) (Все вакансии)


Опыт работы:не требуется

Описание вакансии

Hi there!

We are a young MoveUp Solutions team and we are seeking for people who want to improve their skills, have great potential and grow with us. Currently, we need sales manager with perfect English.


-English = upper intermediate+

-Basic technical skills

-Ability to learn fast

-Desire to grow and improve

-Negotiation skills



-Desire to be a part of a team



-Interact with the sales team

-Personnel Management

-Collaborate with leaders and business development managers

-Scheduling and installing tasks

-Control of internal tasks

Other useful skills include:

-Interest and enjoyment in working with people

-Polite and tactful personality


This is no job for shy, retiring types as you’ll need to be bursting with self-confidence, love networking and enjoy communicating and speaking.

Reach us on skype отправить резюме


MoveUp Solutions Team

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