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    Picture Editor

    Компанія: Global Listings  (https://jobs.ua/company-global-listings-1622030) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:Реклама, маркетинг, PR; ЗМІ, TV, Радіо


    Контактна особа:Global Listings
    Адреса:Вишневе (Згуровськ. р-н. Київська обл.), Parkhall Business Centre 40 Martell Road London

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    Опис вакансії

    JOB: PICTURE Editor

    FREELANCE position working remotely from Ukraine

    PAY: 1,060 Ukrainian hryvnia per day

    About Global Listings

    Global Listings is an established international TV media company specializing in the supply of comprehensive television program information.

    Our clients and partners are global networks, TV channels and TV platforms such as:


    Our services include: TV listings press schedules, EPGs (Electronic Program Guides), highlights and web / VOD metadata content information as well as full image supply to TV content owners and TV platforms - globally.

    We are responsible for creating the TV channels' editorial and image content in 36 languages ​​including English and Ukrainian. This is what viewers see when they use their remote control to find out what a program is about on the EPG or VOD streaming service.

    Read all about us here:


    Job Description

    We are looking for a FREELANCE PICTURE EDITOR to work across our TV accounts. The job will be to review and select pictures for promotion, publication, and dissemination. To identify relevant images, edit pictures to make them more appealing, and arrange them into suitable formats via our database, storing each image against an asset. The Picture Editor will also need to be able to conduct full artwork and design including searching and downloading, adding title artwork, viewing video files and extracting screen grabs, delivering top quality final images and often to tight deadlines. In some cases you will also need to use pre-existing templates on a channel-by-channel basis.

    Picture Editor Job Overview

    The role of the Picture Editor will be to browse through dozens of images (and sometimes also videos for screen grabs) to determine the most appropriate visuals to convey a story in the most visually arresting way for our broadcasters' schedules, highlights, EPGs, VOD and SVOD services. It is critical that you adhere to the correct branding standards per channel and per territory. Plus, where appropriate, to check for image rights and licenses to avoid violations.

    Picture Editor: Job Responsibilities and Duties

    • Creates a portfolio of visual assets
    • Manages image projects across all areas of our business and all client accounts
    • Manages each image as an asset to be stored accurately in our database
    • Procures and manipulates pictures and images as needed (including from video)
    • Reviews the project pipeline and anticipates picture needs in order to meet deadlines
    • Ensures adherence to style guide and branding, per TV client account
    • Collaborates with the GL executive team, and its editorial teams to ensure alignment with client requirements

    Picture Editor Job Requirements

    • Bachelor's degree in photography or related field
    • Proficient in Photoshop and InDesign and / or QuarkXpress
    • Deep understanding of artwork techniques including adding logos and title artwork to images
    • Creative and detail-oriented
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Must be fluent in English
    • Work experience in this field would be a distinct asset


    Working remotely on a freelance basis, you will need to have your own computer (ideally an Apple iMac) and be equipped with your own copy of Photoshop in order to create and modify the images. You will additionally need to connect to the Global Listings systems via a secure VPN line to upload your images into our database. We will provide you with full training on our systems.

    You will need a reliable and fast wi-fi connection at home and also a telephone number (your mobile would be fine). As a company we predominantly use Zoom, Skype, Slack and WhatsApp for day-to-day communications.

    1. Hours of work:
    2. 35 hours per week / freelance (Monday-Friday, 10 am-4pm, Ukraine time, which is 8 am-4pm UK time)
    3. Remuneration

    1,060 Ukrainian hryvnia per day (pro rata) (you will be responsible for paying your own taxes as this is a freelance position)

    1. Length of Contract:
    2. 24 months in total - subject to a successful 6-month probationary period
    3. Role Type:

    4. Creative / visual
    5. Contract type:

    Fixed term on a freelance payment basis, Monday to Friday

    You will develop your skills in:

    • - Image editing
    • - Production
    • - Client liaison
    • - Quality control
    • - Meeting deadlines
    • - IT: email, Mac computers, MS Office, design layout etc.
    • - TV knowledge
    • - Communications
    • - Admin
    • - Teamwork

    This freelance position would suit university graduates of:

    - Design
    - Photo-Journalism
    - Photography


    Applications will only be considered if they include all of the following:

    Application and below information must all be supplied in English.

    1. A covering letter that tells us why we should schedule an interview with you (taking the above job spec into consideration)

    2. A current CV
    3. Indication of your availability (eg available to start work immediately or available to start work in two weeks' time etc)

    4. Please confirm that you have wi-fi, and provide your wi-fi speed at your house where you will be working from, and also please confirm that you have a mobile phone

    5. Please confirm if you have an Apple Mac computer at your home to use, and the model and year if so. Please also confirm if you have any of the design suites such as Photoshop / InDesign or QuarkXpress (please note that it is not a problem if you do not have any of these; you can still apply)

    6. Please confirm that as a FREELANCER you accept responsibility to pay any taxes that you are obliged to pay in Ukraine. This will be your responsibility as you will be working for Global Listings on a freelance basis

    7. Please provide details of any work experience or projects that you have undertaken as a picture editor

    8. Please tell us where you saw this advert

    To apply please submit the above eight items (and ensure that the email subject field CONTAINS THE NAME OF THE ROLE you're applying for) to:

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    Requirements, wishes: 




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