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Senior Web Developer

75 000 грн.
Компания:Fuel Industries  (https://jobs.ua/company-fuel-industries-140100) (Все вакансии)


Образование:не имеет значения
Опыт работы:от пяти лет
График работы:удаленная работа

Описание вакансии

Удаленка. Нам нужен Senior Web / Server Developer.

Компания — Fuel

Видео компании —

Мы разрабатываем интересные проекты для Fortune 500 — сайты, аппы, сервисы и все остальное. Список работ компании здесь — http://www.fuelyouth.com/work/

Проекты сложные и очень интересные. Работы очень много.

Полное описание вакансии ниже либо по ссылке — http://www.fuelyouth.com/jobs/senior-server-web-de...

Резюме присылать строго на английском языке. Хорошее знание английского — ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО.

Senior Web/Server Developer


Senior Web/Server Developers participate at all levels of software stack development from HTML/CSS/JavaScript through Web service APIs, backend business logic and database connectivity. They also take on software design tasks and API definitions. Client facing, the senior developer works with product managers, producers, designers and peers to create online interactive solutions for client projects.

The Senior Web/Server Developer is well versed in dynamic web programming languages (C#, Java, PHP, etc.) and experienced with HTML and JavaScript to support our creative vision. The senior developer has a better than basic understanding of cross-browser issues, OS platforms, web servers, and networks.


  • Work with client to identify feature requirements
  • Design software architecture solutions to address client needs
  • Write and maintain documentation for project features
  • Help develop project components based on product requirements
  • Accountable for code quality, reusability and testability through unit tests
  • Work with art directors, creative directors and project leads to help define project scope
  • Work with the core team to isolate project requirements and provide detailed task estimates.
  • Work with peers to manage production and deliverables within the team
  • Work with leads to ensure stable integration of all ongoing development into live site
  • Participate in framework development ensuring efficient and strategic code reuse
  • Experiment with new tools and techniques to improve productivity
  • Cultivate and understand industry trends and shares insights within the studio


  • Autonomous, self-motivated, and able to multi-task.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and loves technical challenges
  • Productive, well organized and efficient.
  • Able to take the lead on software architecture and design issues
  • Must be able to function independently and still work well in a «team oriented» environment.
  • Strong communication skills (both in person and in writing) with individuals from a wide range of technical understanding.


  • Bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science or related field
  • Minimum 8 years as web/server developer
  • Minimum 5 years as software architect
  • Experience with C#, Java, and/or PHP
  • Excellent understanding of Ajax and other backend architectures
  • Excellent understanding of object oriented programming and relational data modeling.
  • Excellent understanding of database architecture
  • Knowledge and experience with test driven development
  • Knowledge and experience with service driven architecture
  • Demonstrated experience with HTML, CSS table-less design and JavaScript


Fuel is the intersection of advertising and entertainment — where enjoyment meets solid business strategy. We marry the best strategists and creative minds with an army of in house experts in the fields of animation, design, film and video production, sound design, music and online programming.

What's it like to work at Fuel?

For one thing, «research» regularly includes playing console games on a screen the size of Alaska. We're one of the most advanced and innovative interactive studios in North America, developing online experiences and mobile marketing programs for some of the most respected brands in the world. In your first three months, you'll touch more brands, and gain more experience, than you would working in a traditional agency for a year.

We're casual. We're fun. We're family. And we promise you'll never be bored.

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