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Dev Ops

 23 лютого  Львів 
Компанія: Utech  (https://jobs.ua/company-utech-1577336) (Всі вакансії)
Категорії:IT, WEB фахівці


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Опис вакансії

Hello everyone, Our young Utech https://utechcorp.com/ office in Lviv is looking for the Dev Ops Engineer.

UTECH it’s a logistics software development and technology company specializes in creating powerful software for the transportation and logistics industry. Among our projects, you can find GPS tab, GPStab ELD, UTECH TMS, U.P.A.R.S.E.

*Required Skills and Experience*:

  • Experience in DevOps 2+ years;
  • Knowledge of Linux, Nginx, MSSQL/MySQL;
  • Solid experience with Jenkins;
  • Good knowledge virtualization and containerization system — Docker;
  • Understanding of the Bash scripting and understanding security concepts;
  • Knowledge of GIT, Bitbucket;
  • Experience implementing CI/CD;

*What Will You Do*:

A person will be responsible for all DATA in all databases, work with CI on our projects, support productions servers.

*Utech offers*:

  • The ability to switch projects, technology stacks, try yourself in different roles
  • Flexible schedule
  • Coffee, tea and other goodies are offered by the company
  • Team of professionals
  • Professional development
  • Ability to develop on your technical skills
  • Free English courses provided by company

?If you want to join our cozy company, please send me a resume by email: отправить резюме )

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