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Резюме Frontend developer (trainee)
Кулаковський Ілля

Frontend developer (trainee)

 10 червня  Місто: Київ
Вік:18 років
Режим роботи:повний робочий день, віддалена робота
Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці
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Illya Kulakovskiy



Dear HR,

Hello, my name is Illya and I’m to express my interest in applying for the Intern/Trainee Front-end developer position.

I’m a student and a self-taught programmer. I’ve been studying programming for 3 years and Front-end development for 1.5 years, building a few projects along the way.

My key feature is fast learning, dedication, determination and high-motivation to grow as a professional.

I really want to work for your organization to get commercial project experience, working with real professionals and help your team in production in future.

My resume is attached. If I get your attention, please contact me to schedule an interview. I look forward to meeting you to discuss employment opportunities in your organization.

Salary expectation: ready to work for free to get experience


  • HTML5/CSS3

  • JavaScript/ES6+

  • Bootstrap

  • JQuery


  • Little knowledge of React.js

  • Git

My projects(more on GitHub):

  • Geeks – responsive web page(Bootstrap):

  • Space web-site(Bootstrap):

  • Project(HTML/CSS, JS):

  • Simon game(JS):

  • Bankist app(JS):

  • Bankist web site(JS):


National Aviation University in Kyiv

Bachelor's degree, Software Engineering – 09.2022 – 07.2026 (Finished first year)

Level of English – B2 (Upper-intermediate) Currently attending an English course and planning to become a fluent speaker.

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