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  5. Process engineer, laboratory assistant (Chemical technology)
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Дюбанов Александр

Process engineer, laboratory assistant (Chemical technology)

 22 січня 2017   Місто: Прилуки
Вік: 27 років
Режим роботи: повний робочий день
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Додаткова інформація

Особисті якості, хобі, захоплення, навички:  -skills in analytical chemistry and metrology -operating systems: Windows XP/7 -software: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Power point Компас 3D, SolidWorks, AutoCad, MathCad, LabWiew, PROII, ProMax Knowledge in the coke, polymer, gas production, oil, agro-industrial and detergent technologies; -touch typing Chemical engineer (process engineer) September 2014 - for now. JSC "Plastic-Pryluki" (technical and household polymer products manufacture department). Chernihiv region, Ukraine Work in coordination with other specialists in following directions: Planning of: products manufacture, purchasing of appropriate raw material, work of manufacture units, experiments, inferiors work. Monitoring of: incoming feedstock’s; produced semimanufactures and goods; similarity of curent technological mods with documented; detection, analysis and elimination of production defects; inferiors work; experiment perform. Reporting about: produced goods, and defects; consumption of raw materials; finished experiments; inferiors work. Creation of informative material (parametric databases) about: raw materials; products available for manufacture; available equipment and quarters (technological and principle chart of department); available technologies, creation of technological cards and instructions for unit operators. Science and creative «search» of perspective technologies in the context of approved plan of department development. … Engineer-laboratory (inspector) Mar 2014 - Aug 2014 (6 months) Agricultural holding "Harvest" (Lauffer Group); Business trips. Inspection and arbitration on the holding productions. -quality control of incoming raw materials; -control of manufacturing process; -quality control of end-products March 2013 — training practices at JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ"Donetsk National Technical University. Faculty of ecology and chemical Technology. Department of chemical technology. Specialty: “Chemical technology” 2008-2012 — bachelor 2012– 2014 — master Diploma for the best sectional report at the IV International conference of students and young scientists on chemistry and chemical engineering in Kiev.. Utility model patent number 66131 "Camera of coke dry quenching"

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