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IT Manager/System Administrator

 25 квітня  Вінниця 
Компанія: Universal Groups  (https://jobs.ua/company-universal-groups-357690) (Всі вакансії)
Категорії:IT, WEB фахівці, Офісний персонал, Робота за кордоном


Освіта: незакінчена вища
Досвід роботи:від року
Графік роботи:віддалена робота

Опис вакансії


  • Directly in charge of the System Administration Department and all IT work related activities.
  • Provide technical support for both hardware and software issues our users encounter.
  • Manage the configuration and operation of client-based computer operating systems.
  • Monitor the system daily and respond immediately to security or usability concerns.
  • Create and verify backups of data.
  • Respond to and resolve help desk requests.
  • Upgrade systems and processes as required for enhanced functionality and security issue resolution.
  • Administrate infrastructure, including firewalls, databases, malware protection software and other processes.
  • Review application logs.
  • Password and identity management.
  • Install and test computer-related equipment.
  • Daily reports.
  • Create SOPs, manuals, policies and more.
  • Web Development and Building new web applications.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Has knowledge and experience with the following web hosts and applications

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cpanel
  • WHM
  • ISPManager
  • Network services in cloud such as Content delivery networks
  • At least an Associate Degree/ Undergraduate Degree in IT
  • Industry certifications (MCSE) if any
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple problems simultaneously
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills

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