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Разработчик software

50 000 грн.
Компания:Czech Power  (https://jobs.ua/company-czech-power-132745) ( Все вакансии)


Образование:полное высшее
Опыт работы:обязателен
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Профессия: Разработчик software

Место работы: Чехия,Прага

Условия работы:

Смена — односменный рабочий день

Занятость - полный рабочий день

Минимальное образование: Высшее

Зарплата: 40 000 – 50 000 грн

Дополнительные условия:


As a company continuously starting new business we need developers who are able to support our activities in product delivery areas. As a developer you will participate in the projects for international and local clients from enterprise level to middle business level. Duration of the projects varies from 6 months to long-term cooperation with customer to fulfill their needs. Developer position is very important for the product delivery as only great developers can deliver great value to our clients and their end customers. This position is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Minimal requirements:

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Photoshop,

Knowledge of JavaScript - at least jQuery,

Enthusiasm to work in agile environment,

Excellent communication and proactivity,

Good level of English,

Interest in new technology, approaches, tools.

Good to have:

Knowledge of templating system like Razor, Latte, Handlebars, Swig,

Knowledge of SEO, accessibility,

Knowledge of at least one CSS preprocessor (LESS, SASS),

Knowledge of RWD and mobile optimization techniques,

Knowledge of tools and libraries like Browserify, Grunt, gulp,

Knowledge of techniques for page speed optimization,

Good skills in debugging and code analysis,

Knowledge of Git version control system

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