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Резюме Front end developer
Kononov Oleksandr

Front end developer

10 000 грн.
  3 квітня  Місто: Київ
Вік:24 роки
Режим роботи:повний робочий день, вільний графік роботи, віддалена робота
Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці
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Kryvyi Rih, 50026 (Open to Remote) | 


Front End | JS, TS, React(native), NextJS, Vue3, CSS,SASS, responsive/adaptive design
Back End | Node.js (Express), PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, S3R
Testing/Deployment| Jest, RTL, Vercel, Digital Ocean, Render, Netlify
Developer Tools| Docker, Git, npm, Webpack, Babel, Agile Methodology, TDD, RabbitMQ, Ngnix Soft| Quick learner. Excellent communication skills, with the ability to translate technical concepts to non-technical individuals. Willingness and proven ability to quickly acquire proficient development skills in new areas and technologies.


Ye-Vybuh (єВибух) 2022

The application intend to help people during the terrorist actions in Ukraine.
Typescript | React | Redux (Saga) | Docker | Nginx | Websockets

Used Google maps API for tracking incidents on the territory of Ukraine. By selecting one of the sources / channels where the news are tracked, the group receives data displayed on the map, where group members are also visible, to check the status of people in the "arrivals" zone, there is a functionality to check whether a person is safe.

Node-compiler 2023 Javascript full-stack application JavaScript | Node.js | Express | PostgreSQL | AWS S3 | Jest | RabbitMQ | Docker | Cron Node.js compiler for javascript and python code, creates a docker container per request and returns output with queue system. Implemented with PostgreSQL for storing all results and AWS S3 bucket for scheduled dumping with Cron.

React-Native "AIR" 2023 Native app with camera and AWS recognition service Typescript | React-Native | Reanimated | Jest | Vision-Camera Front-end part implemented with RN, with help of vision-camera module and AWS serverless stack backend. When the button is pressed, several requests are made to the server and the user receives recognition results.

Forum 2022 Single page forum website Typescript | React | Websockets | RTL | Jest | Redux | Redux-Saga | Docker | Ngnix Small forum with live chat on websockets, authorization/authentication(bearer). Backend written on python.

Hello Sun weather app 2022 Weather forecast website with help of weatherAPI Next.js | NextUI | Jest | RTL Booking Place 2022 replica React | Node.js | Date picker | Jest | RTL Booking Place admin dashboard 2022 Admin dashboard for 

BookingPlace website for user, data management, graphs and charts React | Node.js | React charts | Jest LinkedIn clone 2022 LinkedIn clone website with auth and live posts fetching funcionality React | FirebaseDB | Jest | RTL Eventier DnD scheduler 2023 Drag and drop website Next.js | Drag&Drop | NextUI 

Kryvyi Rih National UniversityBachelor's degree in economics 2017-2021 LinkedIn education - Node.js, Next.js courses /Udemy - React.js course , Vue3 2022

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