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Junior frontend developer (React)

  6 червня  Місто: Київ
Вік:37 років
Режим роботи:повний робочий день, вільний графік роботи, віддалена робота
Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці; Інші пропозиції

Досвід роботи

Freelance (Legal consulting), Київ
01.2021 − По теперішній час (2 роки 8 місяців)
  • development of legal positions in complex cases (including in various proceedings)
Progect work (Retail), Київ
03.2016 − 12.2022 (6 років 9 місяців)
  • Organization and support of the construction of a logistics center for the Mohawk Industries inc. group of companies;
  • Merger and reorganization of Kerama Marazzi group of companies. Passing a successful squeeze-out. Full legal compliance of a group of companies in Ukraine;
  • As a result of the negotiation work, the reduction of rental rates and the signing of more favorable agreements for the Kerama Marazzi group of companies;
  • As a result of organizing and transferring some of the processes and tasks to outsourcing, the annual expenses of Kerama Marazzi were reduced by 35 thousand dollars a year;
  • More than 30 successful cases of representing clients in courts.
Head of legal aid department
Kyiv legal aid center (Legal consalting), Київ
08.2015 − 03.2016 (6 місяців)
  • Over 100 successful legal consultations;
  • As a result of the negotiations, 23 agreements signed "cooperation in the project: primaryLegal AID";
  • Integration of more than 15 stakeholders into the network of legal aid centers;
  • Obtaining accreditation as a lawyer for the right to represent the interests of the clients ofthe legal aid centers.


Donetsk National University (Донецьк)
Faculty of law, Specialist of Law
повна вища, 09.2007 − 06.2011 (3 роки 9 місяців)
Donetsk National University (Донецьк)
Faculty of economics, Master's degree ininternational economics
повна вища, 09.2003 − 06.2008 (4 роки 9 місяців)

Додаткова освіта

 Front End Pro / Hillel IT School, 2023
 Front End Basic / Hillel IT School, 2022
 Atlantis Enterprise Education Center Qualification: “Computer data entryoperator”, Completed in 2001

Знання мов:

Англійська - Середній
Додатково: В1 - Intermediate

Додаткова інформація

Знання комп'ютера, програм: JavaScript (ES6+), React, jQuery GitHub HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS Bootstrap, Material UI NPM Webpack, Gulp Git, GitHub
Особисті якості, хобі, захоплення, навички: My advantages: Implementation and combination of Scrum and Kanban approaches in the construction of thelogistics center made it possible to achieve the set goals. Time management experience allowed me to successfully complete the squeeze-outprocedure, which is very strictly regulated by time frames. Experience in negotiations and correspondence with clients from Italy and the United States. Growth mindset allows me to absorb and apply new information quickly.
Мета пошуку роботи, побажання до місця роботи: I am a junior frontend developer focused on React. My stack of technologies: JavaScript (ES6+),React, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Material UI, Webpack, Gulp, Git, GitHub. Examples of my pet projects can be viewed on github, such as a clicke

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