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    Marketing manager

     21 серпня   Місто: Київ
    Вік: 27 років
    Режим роботи: повний робочий день
    Рубрики: Офісний персонал; Реклама, маркетинг, PR
    Готовий до переїзду в:

    Досвід роботи

    Marketing analyst, SEO specialist
    omg.bet project (BetInvest) (bookmaker), Київ
    02.2019 − 04.2020 (1 рік 2 місяці)

    Main responsibilities:

    • Tracking, managing and analyzing data through Google Analytics.
    • Involvement in strategic project course management and determining the most effective marketing channels and traffic sources.
    • Creation of SEO optimized content for the whole website, link building.
    • Improving website SERP with Search Console and AhRefs.
    • Creation of advertising/entertainment video content for project YouTube channel and sponsored events.
    • Updating of the monthly content plan and deciding project involvement in main industry events.
    • Brainstorming promotion ideas and other ways to improve on-site conversions.
    ​Senior Marketing Specialist
    Motortion Studios (stock video production), Київ
    09.2017 − 05.2018 (7 місяців)

    Main responsibilities:

    • Brainstorms for new video ideas.
    • Video promotion (naming, uploading, monitoring).
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Company process optimization, improvement.
    • Search and expansion of company sales platforms.
    • Management of big data masses in Excel.
    • Managing a team of freelancers.
    Relationship manager
    United Thinkers (payment gateway developers), Київ
    09.2016 − 08.2017 (11 місяців)

    Main responsibilities:

    • Client inquiry analysis, monitoring of present issues, correspondence.
    • Web conferences for troubleshooting purposes together with US partners.
    • SEO analysis (keywords/backlinks/search rankings).
    • Google Analytics, Google Search Console monitoring/configuring, data analysis, conversion monitoring.
    • Analytics of traffic sources/page conversions and impact on profit.
    Customer Support Representative >> Service Improvement manager >> Marketing Analyst
    Laraun Ltd. (content writing agency), Київ
    03.2015 − 10.2016 (1 рік 7 місяців)

    Main responsibilities:

    • Client support, assistance on the first position.
    • Management of other CSRs, improvement of their performance on the second position.

    After moving to marketing department:

    • Weekly email marketing campaign.
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Conversion improvement.
    • Google Analytics, Search Console (traffic analysis, keyword analysis, conversions, goals, A/B campaigns, etc.).
    • User experience analysis (heat maps, surveys).
    • Creating and developing ways of profit maximization, feature implementation.
    ​Customer Support Representative
    Maverick (content writing agency), Київ
    07.2014 − 03.2015 (7 місяців)

    Main responsibilities:

    • Ensuring customer satisfaction with company products.
    • Effective email, chat, and phone client support.
    • Problem-solving, addressing requests of customers.
    • Interviewing new content writers, testing their skills and language control.
    • Different types of content formatting for the company blog and customer needs.