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Sales Director

 29 июля 2017   Киев  
ФИО: Марищук Александр
Возраст: 39 лет
Режим работы: полный рабочий день
Пол мужской
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15 years of business management experience as a Sales Director and Marketing Director.

More than 7 years of unique experience in international company branch, including the experience of launching new products and brands, PL projects implementation. Experienced in direct and distribution sales.

Опыт работы

Должность: Sales Director
Период: 1 Январь 2016 − 1 Август 2016 гг. ( 7 месяцев)
Компания: PART Trading GmbH (Германия).
Обязанности: PART Trading GmbH (Germany). Trade and export (FMCG + beverages). Specialization: sales and export from Germany to the countries of Europe, Asia, CIS. Website: www.part-trading.de «Private label» project for retailers (factories in Germany). Launch of new brands to the market. Finding new clients in Ukraine. Organizing presentations and trainings for customers. Development and implementation of brand sales strategies for various product groups. Competitive environment monitoring. Accomplishments: - Implemented "Private label" projects in Ukrainian leading national chains. - Increased Export of goods by 30%. - Conducted authoring trainings for distributor’s trade teams in Germany and Vietnam.
Должность: Sales and Marketing Director
Период: 1 Сентябрь 2008 − 1 Январь 2016 гг. (7 лет 4 месяца)
Компания: HAME Uk Trade (Czech Republic).
Обязанности: HAME Uk Trade (Czech Republic). Branch of European manufacturer Hamé s.r.o. (FMCG + Baby food). 8 plants in Europe and CIS. Website: www.hame.cz Implementation of the sales and marketing strategy in Ukraine, department leading, responsibility for the KPI and cooperation with the remote office in Czech. Development and management of the company distribution channels in Ukraine. Combining functions of the Sales Director and Marketing. Elaboration and implementation of the brand sales strategy in different product groups at all execution levels. Short and long-term strategic decision making, elaboration of marketing and sales policies; sales planning for all levels of distributors and clients. Responsibility for departmental profit/loss analysis and control. Development and management of the marketing budget and price policy. Budgeting and expenditure control of all marketing activities. Advertising concept development for various brands. Market analysis and forecasting, evaluation and monitoring of competitors. Systematic segment analysis of sales department effectiveness (Distributor, Managers, Territories), implementation of trade promotion programs to increase business results. Analysis of range efficiency. Calculation of new products launching costs and launching of new brands. Full cycle development and launching of new trademarks from scratch (European and Ukrainian manufacturers). Implementation of "Private label" projects for retailers. Formation and structuring of the trade department. Managing local and remote teams, setting goals and controlling the performance. Organization training systems, Skype conferences and coaching. Preparing and conducting annual press trips and trainings for partners and distributors in Europe (groups of 20-30 people). Business trips in Europe and CIS for professional development. Accomplishments: - Created efficient distribution system and fulfilled company's plans during all 7 years (despite economic crises of 2009 and 2014). - Launched 7 new product groups and 2 brands. - Reached Market shares in different groups on level 30 - 60%. - Increased total sales volume over 100% and for some groups >500%. - Achieved the first place on the market among brands of baby food due to exclusive marketing programs implementation in 2010-2014.
Должность: Sales and Marketing Director
Период: 1 Январь 2003 − 1 Сентябрь 2008 гг. (5 лет 8 месяцев)
Компания: DP
Обязанности: DP "Best Alternative". Czech-Ukrainian joint venture with foreign investments. National manufacturer and importer (FMCG). Own production capacity and branches. Website: www.worldsrice.com.ua Sales strategy development; pricing policy formation. Marketing and promotion of the company trademarks. Planning financial and economic activities. Opening company branches; tasks setting and performance monitoring. Negotiations with national customers and transport organizations to achieve economies of scale and best commercial terms and conditions for the company. Ensuring effective collaboration between the production, storage, trade, logistics departments. Coordination of the production processes. Planning and control of production volumes, optimization the procurement of raw materials. Development of the concept and launching new types of products, including innovative ones. Elaboration and implementation of advertising concepts for different brands. Support preparing for tender bids. Building and maintaining effective accounts receivable and cash flow monitoring system. Accomplishments: - Increased the volume of production of own products 3 times. - Launched 4 new own brands and 3 categories. - Opened 2 regional branches. - Grew company market share by 40%.


Учебное заведение: National Transport University
Период обучения: 1 Сентябрь 1996 − 1 Май 2001 гг. (4 года 7 месяцев)
Уровень образования: полное высшее
Специальность: Economics department, Master’s degree in Economic

Дополнительная информация

Язык: English  • Эксперт
Увлечения, интересы, умения: Trainings: 2014 - Increase the personal effectiveness of the manager. 2013 - Methodology of Adizes. 2010 - Time management. Delegation of authority. 2008 - Sales management and effective negotiations.

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