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     28 жовтня 2020   Місто: Херсон
      Готовий до переїзду в: Київ
    Вік: 56 років
    Режим роботи: повний робочий день, вільний графік роботи, плаваючий графік роботи
    Рубрики: Ресторанний бізнес, кулінарія; Керівництво; Торгівля, продажі, закупівлі




    Excellent negotiation and leadership skills.

    Poised and confident in dealings with individuals at all levels.

    Strong organization skills, goal-oriented, proactive, organize projects to maximize efficiency.

    Successful in promoting concepts and strategies that consistently increase sales and revenues, as well as capturing. new markets.

    Proficient in import/export operations, developing and implementing marketing plans for raw materials, foodstuffs and industrial goods.

    Able to conduct business in foreign languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

    Proficient with Microsoft Office, Windows.


    Director. New York, USA. 2008 – Present Consulting Serves.

    Provided consulting services for the acquisition of various business objects related to trade, such as shops, restaurants, cafes. Objects of trade associated with the pharmacological business pharmacy. Hotels with localization, both in a city, and in resort places on the seashore.

    Conducted a feasibility study of demand, development prospects, profitability, costs, as well as risks associated with both economic and political factors affecting these specific business objects.

    Since some of these objects are located in Ukraine and Russia, I used the knowledge of these languages, as well as a wealth of life experience and understanding of the local way of life, traditions, customs, consumer demand and purchasing power, as well as the habits of people potential recipients of these services and goods.

    OOO “TC ESTA”, Moscow, Russia. 2005 – 2008 Commercial Director.

    Ensured and applied purchasing processes in B2B market within the global and local policies strategy of the company. Purchased and sold the equipment, components, tools that were necessary and used for the infrastructure of oil and gas production and many other things that needed for workers in this area. Provided marketing research on the oil and gas output markets of Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the USA. Analyzed the equipment from difference manufacturers and dealers, focused on this market with prices, quality, and productivity of various equipment. Established contacts and conducted negotiations with manufacturers and dealers to sign contracts to buy and ship equipment for mineral output industries located in Russia. I can freely travel to many countries without visa support.

    PARKWAY CATERERS INC., Brooklyn, New York USA. 1997 – 2004


    Managed all daily operations of a restaurant/catering hall for about 850 customers. Supervised, trained, and motivated a staff of 130 waiters. Prepared staffing schedules and resolved problems to secure adequate coverage. Provided kitchen workers' cooperation with waiters. Managed orders for liquor, food and necessary supplies. Performed delivery check-ups for freshness and quality. Coordinated overall activities of the wait staff during various celebrations, including a stand-up buffet setup. Communicated with customers to ensure service quality control and guest satisfaction.

    MKP ''STATUS'', Kherson, Ukraine. 1992 – 1997


    Managed a trading company specializing in import and export operations, licensing products of metallurgical products from metallurgical factories located in Alchevsk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Mariupol, Khartsizk. Carried out trading operations for the purchase and sales of agricultural products: grains, wheats, sunflower seeds, oil, meat, and food for livestock. Established contacts and negotiated long-term contracts with manufacturers of products, raw materials, products, and goods. Directed sales development, marketing strategy planning, the efficiency of a strategy of profitability planning, cost optimization, staff recruitment, and training.

    TRADING, INC., Kherson, Ukraine. 1989 – 1992
    General Manager of Supermarket.

    Supervised all operations of a large retail store that included organizing and managing all departments, market research, and direct contract conclusion with foodstuffs manufacturers. Provided supply and demand analysis to increase foodstuffs’ profitability and reduce business expenses. Studied consumer preferences through field research and reviewed the foodstuffs’ demand. Developed purchasing programs and provided wholesale purchasing via visits to foodstuffs fairs and over the reception of manufacturers’ representatives. Evaluated existing, inter-company agreements to increase the sale of foodstuffs, eliminating slow selling growth of sales products and developing more profitable arrangements. Managed agreements with many suppliers that provided revenue. Developed a special project to reduce business expenses (packaging, warehouse and advertising expenses), including transport expenses through more advantageous shipping contracts.

    MILITARY SERVICE. 1983 –1985
    Physician Assistant.


    Donetsk State University of Economics & Commerce, Donetsk, Ukraine.

    BS in Economics, graduated with Honors, 1989.

    Medical College, Kherson, Ukraine.

    Associate Degree, Physician Assistant, 1983.

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