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Дуда Олександр

Начальник відділу постачання

  7 червня  Місто: Київ
 Готовий до переїзду в: Львів, Мукачеве, Ужгород
Вік:30 років
Режим роботи:повний робочий день, віддалена робота
Рубрики: HR, управління персоналом; Логістика, доставка, склад; Керівництво
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Олександр Дуда

Birth Date – 29.09.1992

Hometown – Мукачево, Україна

Relationship – Неодружений

Key skills

  • Quickly adapt, improve, learn.
  • Constantly improving myself and gaining new knowledge by reading news, articles, and publications
  • PC expert (good knowledge of MS office, ERP BAAN, SAP etc.)
  • Communicative (I can conduct correspondence at official business level, edit, explain, speak in front of the public)
  • Organizational (management, planning management)
  • Good analytics skill (I can evaluate, study, research).


Name of University - Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Degree – Master

The name of specialty – Science of law

Period of study – 2009 – 2015

Course or qualification MVA Courses on Jabil (required for PU SME)

Graduated 2021

Course or qualification Project management (Market Universal)

Graduated 2016

Additional information

Driver license – “B”;

Foreign Passport – Biometric, as well had a business trip experience;


Erik Rybenok – head of PU department in Jabil Uzhhorod, email -

Laszlo Galuska – Regional Purchasing Project Manager, email -

Career history

Company name – Seooki, Kyiv, Ukraine

Job title – SEO specialist

Period of work – August 30, 2013 – October 10, 2014


  • Planning of the budget, saving company`s finances, and promotion of the company`s personal projects on the USA and EU markets;
  • Planning of the budget, saving company`s finances, and promotion of the client projects, for Russia and Ukraine, as well as for USA and EU countries;
  • Coaching and trainings for new people.

Company name – Market Universal, Lviv, Ukraine

Job Title – SEO specialist & Project manager

Period of work – January 19, 2016 – October 10, 2016


  • Saving company`s budget;
  • Management of the project, with a budget more than 100 000$;
  • Communication with freelancers (IT, copywriters etc.);
  • Quality control of internal stuff;
  • Site promotion - (site visiting was increased from 7 000 to 35 000 within 4 months).

Company name – Flex, Mukachevo, Ukraine

Job Title – NPI buyer, Material Analyst

Period of work – August 10, 2018 – July 01, 2020


  • Management and improvement of PPV (purchase price variance or Material Margin) process (meetings, people management, improvement of new process, forecast etc.);
  • E&O management between Flex sites, distributors, and brokers;
  • Control and implementation of global prices on Flex site level, lead times, sourcing;
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of internal services, tools, soft, for successful performance of personal duties;
  • Creating and implementation of new procedures and process at site level;
  • Training sessions for the buyers;
  • Full control process of decreasing lead times, for budget economy and as result - reduction of inventory;
  • Business transfer between sites and migration transfer (legal change name).

Company name – Jabil, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Job Title – PU SME

Period of work – July 08, 2020 – nowadays


  • Technical expert of Purchasing. Due to this: full support for all colleagues in the department;
  • Conducting trainings for new hired people and cross-functional departments;
  • Implementing project for new Release strategy (tool for economy budget and E&O of company), (creating and implementing). First in Europe, got recognition from Operations Director;
  • Basic knowledge in power query (had some trainings), good knowledge in PowerBI, advanced MS Excel. Expert knowledge in ERP SAP.
  • Testing and Implementing of a new version for core ERP tool (SAP S4). First in Europe, as well got a recognition;
  • Tight cooperation between all European sites for experience sharing;
  • Full cooperation, coordination, and update (implement) of all procedure related to Purchasing department;
  • Monitoring, control and keeping track of people`s time at work and attendance;
  • Testing and implementing of a tool – IMS (which should help people to find alternative parts between other Jabil sites and stock in distributors and brokers).


  • Reading book/articles
  • Ski
  • Soft/Hi Tech
  • Active rest

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