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Резюме Переводчик, преподаватель английского языка

Переводчик, преподаватель английского языка

 22 октября 2017   Киев  

Информация о соискателе

ФИО: Роганова Екатерина Александровна
Возраст: 24 года
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Условия работы

Цель: Professional and personal growth, decent salary
Основные навыки:

Communication skills

-excellent contact skills gained through my teaching and tutoring experience with different age groups (school children and adults)

-good communication skills gained owing to my experience as an interpreter

-patience, respect, friendliness, encouragement, motivation, sensibility, open-mindedness

-thoroughly enjoy working with people

Organisational / managerial skills

-good self-management skills

-good planning and organizational skills gained as an English teacher and a tutor (preparing suitable learning materials, new topics, examination papers, tests)

-good classroom management

Job-related skills

-excellent pronunciation skills owing to living in the US (2009-2010)

-good knowledge of colloquialisms due to living in the US (2009-2010), travelling in Great Britain for 3 months (2013), travelling in the US (2017)

-ability to learn new technical terminology in short terms owing to great interest to different fields of human knowledge and passion to the English language

-ability to encourage all students to participate in classroom activities; to improve in their English language skills

-being sensitive and patient with students who need more time and explanation to master new learning material

Опыт работы

Должность: Interpreter, Translator
Период: 10 Август 2015 − 30 Август 2016 гг. (1 год )
Компания: RT-TEX
Обязанности: -preliminary study of specific technical terminology regarding production process and equipment components; transactional and financial documents -translation of business correspondence from English to Russian and vice versa -sight translation -consequtive interpretation at business negotiations -consequtive interpretation of skype conferences and phone calls
Должность: Teaching professional
Период: 25 Январь 2015 − 10 Март 2017 гг. (2 года 1 месяц)
Компания: Lingualand
Обязанности: -deliver lessons to a range of classes and age groups (school children and adults) considering the purpose of studying English: either for business, school work or leisure -arrange appropriate educational activities in a form of language games, role-playing and formal exercises using relevant study guide, audio and visual aid, adapted literature -grade students' writing, reading, listening and speaking performance -assign and check accomplishment of homework tasks -draw up progress reports Lesson duration is 1 hour 30 mins.
Должность: English tutor for school children and adults
Период: 1 Сентябрь 2012 − 10 Март 2017 гг. (4 года 6 месяцев)
Компания: Private English lessons
Обязанности: -determine student's English level using introductory level test -provide individual approach considering student's English level and learning purposes -render appropriate learning materials -deliver lessons and provide clear explanation of grammatical, lexical and phonetic aspects of English -help train and improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills using audio and visual aid, playing language games, composing dialogues, making up conversations, having discussions and doing formal exercises -grade student's listening, reading, speaking and writing performance -prepare and set tests and examination papers -assign and check accomplishment of homework tasks -draw up progress reports Private lesson duration for school children is 1 hour; for adults is 1 hr 15 mins.


Учебное заведение: Institute of Economics and Law of the Higher Educational Institution
Период обучения: 1 Сентябрь 2012 − 30 Июнь 2016 гг. (3 года 9 месяцев)
Уровень образования: базовое высшее
Специальность: Philology, Translation (English, German)

Дополнительная информация

Язык: English • Эксперт
German • Средний
Увлечения, интересы, умения: Other skills -winner of the "Future Leaders Exchange" (FLEX) scholarship program in 2009, spent a year in the US living in American host family; graduate of Perry Meridian High school in 2010; gained leadership skills and cultural awareness -participant of "Au-Pair USA" program in 2017; displayed organizational skills, responsibility, flexibility, creativity, punctuality -passionate about exploring medical field in terms of linguistics and translation of medicine oriented articles; writer of term papers and research work titled "Linguistic and translation distinctive features of medical terminology examined on the basis of "Determination of blood serum metabolic activity as index on present intoxication" article"; "Lexical characteristics of medical sublanguage" -passionate about animals, animal protector; healthy lifestyle; making hand-made cards; watching scientific, historical documentaries

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